Frequently Asked Questions

Q) I would like to run regular classes at the Hall but prefer not to pay for months in advance. Also I don’t want to run classes during school holidays. Can you reserve a time slot for me?

We can accept regular bookings with some gaps. We need as much notice as possible of any gaps with a minimum of 8 weeks so we don’t turn away other customers. Some customers plan for a whole school year taking account of school holidays which really helps.

Q) Are there any activities which you do not permit?

We are comfortable accepting most types of bookings.We do have some restrictions based on our licence with Charnwood Borough council and also our lease with the church as the building is built on Church land. Our lease with the church who own the land stops us renting  the hall out for any political uses.

Q) Do you accept parties for all ages of children and young adults.

We can only accept parties in the 16-21 year old age group  where  adults are present all the time ,the  families live in Woodhouse or Woodhouse Eaves and no alcohol is served.

We need this restriction as we have had parties where damage has been caused.

Parties up to the age 15 are accepted from all areas. You must ensure an appropriate level of adult supervision throughout the booking. Again no alcohol can be served.

Q) Can I use a bouncy castle indoors?

Bouncy castles can  be used in the hall with suitable protection for the oak flooring. The ceiling height is 3.6 metres.

Q) Can we play music or use a public address system for speeches outside in the garden?

No outside amplified sound is allowed as there are houses very close to the hall

Q) Can hall users supply and serve alcoholic drinks in the hall?

Under the terms of the Licence, alcohol can be consumed at the Hall.
A Temporary Event Notice (TEN) is needed if you want to carry out a ‘licensable activity’ at the hall.
Link below gives full details

Licensable activities include:
selling alcohol
providing entertainment, e.g. music, dancing or indoor sporting events
serving hot food or drink between 11pm and 5am
You will also need a temporary event notice for a wedding reception at the hall

Q) Do we need to leave the Hall in the same condition as when we arrived?

Hirers and users are reminded that the Booking Conditions require the Premises to be left in a clean and tidy condition after use. We do take a deposit for bookings which is refundable if the hall is left in a reasonable condition

Q) Can we book and pay on line?

This isn’t available at present. Bookings can be requested using the on line form. You can also call or email our admistrator Sandra. Payment is made by bank transfer.

Our administrator Sandra’s contact details are and 07585 234556

Our booking request section lists booking times hourly. If you need longer than this please enter the date needed and the times requested in the details box. If you need a booking on multiple days please also list that in the details box.
Booking requests will be confirmed by our administrator

We also have a contact form you can use – a link to it is on the menu at the top of the page.